Gas BBQs

Discover the ultimate gas BBQs from YourOutdoorKitchen for effortless outdoor barbecuing and grilling. Choose from our versatile and multifunctional gas barbecues, and enjoy ultimate convenience and comfort every time you grill.

Please note: these barbecues have German specifications and are only available in Germany for now.

Buy quality gas barbecues online at YourOutdoorKitchen

Looking for affordable, high-quality gas BBQs? At YourOutdoorKitchen you will find a wide range of gas BBQs to fit your style, space, and budget.

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How to shop for gas barbeques

There are many great options for gas BBQs! These questions will help you buy the best gas barbeque for your lifestyle.

  • Are you usually cooking for a few people or for a big crowd?
  • How many side burners would you like to have for cooking sides and toppings while you grill?
  • Do you have space for a full-sized BBQ or do you prefer a more compact grill?
  • How many BTUs do you want in your gas BBQ?

Discover the benefits of gas barbecues

Gas BBQs are very popular within the range of BBQs. Below you will find some advantages of barbecuing on gas:

  • The BBQ is up to temperature within 10 minutes, so you can quickly start grilling. It’s perfect for weekday cooking and last minute gatherings!
  • The temperature is easy to regulate.
  • Many gas BBQs have handy side burners for grilling up sides and your favorite steak & burger toppings.
  • The stove is easy to disassemble, which makes cleaning much easier. 
  • If you BBQ regularly, BBQing on gas is more affordable than having to buy charcoal every time.