Outdoor drinks coolers

Keep it chill with our trendy, retro outdoor drinks coolers!

Pop your favourite drinks into a retro cool box to keep ice cold beverages close at hand. Our patio coolers and portable coolers come in an array of sizes, styles, and colors so you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Buy retro cooling boxes online

Permasteel retro cooling boxes combine stylish designs with time-tested materials like stainless steel and colorful powder-coated steel for the ultimate in performance.

Shop for outdoor patio coolers to keep refreshing, cold drinks close at hand for every BBQ or party. Permasteel drinks coolers have all of the features you want, including insulated basins, built-in bottle openers, swivel wheels and locking casters.

How to choose the right cooling box

Our drinks coolers come in great retro styles and colors to fit your backyard, patio, or deck. Let us help you find the perfect cooling box for you!

  • Do you want a full sized patio cooler on wheels or a portable cooler with a handle to take anywhere?
  • How many cans or bottles do you want to chill at a time?
  • Do you usually entertain a crowd at home or take your beverages on the go to picnics, games, and road trips?
  • What color drinks cooler do you want?

Keep drinks and beverages cool in style during warm summer days

Keep your favorite beverages cold and ready to enjoy in our stylish drinks coolers. Our large patio coolers can hold up to 110 cans or 50 bottles to keep the fun going all day and night. The insulated basin keeps drinks cold for up to 36 hours for ultimate refreshment even on hot summer days.

Tip: use your drinks cooler to keep food chilled too! It’s perfect for backyard BBQs, trips to beaches, parks, picnics – wherever you gather with family and friends.

Frequently asked questions about our drinks coolers

Permasteel 80-quart capacity patio coolers hold up to 110 cans or 50 bottles to keep the party going longer.

Permasteel portable coolers have a 14-quart storage capacity.

Permasteel patio coolers have an insulated basin that keeps drinks on ice cold up to 36 hours.

Permasteel portable coolers keep drinks on ice cold for up to 12 hours.

The Permasteel patio coolers are on swiveling, locking caster wheels so you can take your large drinks cooler with you!

Yes! Permasteel cooling boxes have built-in bottle openers so you never have to worry about finding a bottle opener. The patio coolers even have built-in cap catchers to keep everything neat.